The Spirit Within Us Knows The Mind Of God

Daily God Walk for Saturday October 3, 2009

 We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.              – Romans 8:26-27

 This passage gives a good picture of the way the Holy Spirit works in us. The Spirit knows the mind of God and with that knowledge knows what we need to pray even when we don’t.

The Holy Spirit not only knows the mind of God but he also searches our hearts to know us. It is because he knows us, and he knows the will of God for us, that he can intercede through us.

We can know the mind of God by listening to the Spirit in us. One primary purpose of the indwelling Spirit is to guide us and to reveal to us the will of God. We must learn to live in such a way that we are sensitive to the Spirit and so that we can hear him as he gently speaks to us.

Because the Spirit knows the mind of God he knows what lies before us He knows what we need to do and he knows what we need to avoid. However, we don’t always know those things. How do we learn them? It has been the experience of many people that I have talked to that they listen carefully to the Holy Spirit in them for direction.

I’ve never had the Holy Spirit shout out to me, “Don’t go that way, there is disaster ahead,” but I have had gentle nudgings from him that were directing me to change course. When I have listened to him I have avoided situations I would rather have avoided, but when I don’t listen I am usually sorry.

Some may be asking, “How can I tell when the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something?” You start by spending time with him. Learn to set aside time when you aren’t asking for anything, you’re just hanging out with the Lord. I have the practice of often through the day just taking a moment to say, “I love you Lord,” and listening for anything he wants to say to me.

 Principle: Listen to the Spirit – he knows our  heart and the mind of God.

 Affirmation: I spend time with Him because I want to know Him.

 Prayer: Father, give me a heart to take the time to hear the Holy Spirit. Help me to be sensitive to his guidance. In Jesus name, amen.

 Bible Reading: Psalm 119:105-112 – Ezekiel 3-4 –   Proverbs 3

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