Being Salt Preserves The Peace

Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with each other. – Mark 9:50

This passage could be just a bit confusing. In the verses that come before verse 50 Jesus is talking about dealing with temptation and that if one is to avoid falling into sin one must cut off the member of his body that is drawing him to offense. In the process of teaching that Jesus speaks of judgment on those who do not follow his instruction and continue to indulge in sin.

Then he says something that is a little hard to understand. He says, “Everyone will be salted with fire” (verse 49). Now what does that mean? We know, at least in that time, salt is used primarily as a preservative.

Some believe that verse 49 is the concluding verse to the warning of judgment and verse 50 speaks of hope in the believer. It appears that the salt is preserving the one judged so that they are not consumed but endure the fire of torment for eternity. That is an ugly and scary thought if we are in disobedience.

Verse 50 gives the other side of the picture, and using the same analogy of salt as a preservative, encourages believers to allow the “preservative” of the Holy Spirit to keep the peace. I find it interesting that one of the primary purposes of salt in the believer is to preserve peace with other believers.

Another way to look at this concept is to realize that when we are being wayward, not caring about how our life affects others, and allowing our actions and attitudes to be offensive to others, then we are destroying the peace.

We are called to be submitted to the entire body and we are called to be salt, or to preserve, the peace. If we are truly salt, as a preserver, and we are called to preserve the peace, then we must carefully guard our actions and attitudes.

Prayer: Father, I understand that you give grace to maintain unity among believers and to keep the peace. I need your grace because I tend to become focused more on what I want and sometimes offend others. In Jesus name, amen.

Principle: One of the primary purposes of the believer being salt is to preserve the peace with other believers.

Affirmation: I recognize my role in the kingdom as being salt to the world and to other believers. The peace of Christ in me affects the world and other Christ followers.

Reflection: Salt is a well known preservative. What do you think Jesus had in mind when he spoke of salt losing it’s saltiness? What did he mean by, “Have salt in yourselves”?

My Thoughts: I would enjoy knowing your thoughts on this devotion. Please leave a comment.

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