Promoting Peace Produces Joy

There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy for those who promote peace. – Proverbs 12:20

We’ve all known people who are very good at instigating trouble. They will pretend to be helping someone but they are really trying to set that person up for failure so they can gain an advantage. We call that being deceitful. Have you had someone who you thought was your friend but actually they were using you to gain an advantage for themselves.?
On the other hand there is the person who is concerned about making peace and who gains great joy out of going into a chaotic situation and producing a peaceful outcome. This person knows the value of friendship and loyalty.
Of the two people we have just mentioned, the instigator of chaos and the peacemaker, who do you think is the happiest? There is the deceitful person who is always working to come out on top, but always feels that he needs more to be satisfied. Then there is the person who is content with being who he is but he’s always trying to make a situation better by helping others to reconcile and come into unity. This person is filled with joy when he sees peace come into a situation.
To be a promoter of peace a person must be able to realize the purpose of the relationship. In business it is to produce a product or service that is marketable; in relationships it is finding common ground upon which to build. In every occasion the peacemaker is working for the common good of all and he’s trying to achieve the greatest level of success for the whole with little concern for his own agenda.
Take a look at your motivations today. Are you a peacemaker or are you an instigator? Do you gain satisfaction out of getting ahead or out of advancing the group as a whole? Think about it.

Prayer: Lord, grant me the grace to look past my own agenda and get a focus on the purpose of the body as a whole and work toward unity in achieving that goal. In Jesus name, amen.

PS: What thoughts did this devotion bring to your mind? I would very much enjoy reading your comments. Please let us know what you are thinking – write your comment in the comments box. Thanks.

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