Give Thanks for What He Has Done

Daily God Walk for Wednesday, November 9, 2011

 what he has done. Sing to him, sing raise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. – Psalm 105:1-4

 This entire psalm is about remembering and being thankful to God for the things he has done, his promises and covenants. It is a celebration of God’s faithfulness to fulfill all that he has promised.

In verse 5 the psalmist calls Israel to remember the wonders and miracles God has performed, as well as the judgments he has pronounced. He seems to be saying that God is gracious and he will do what needs to be done to bless and protect his people, but at the same time he doesn’t turn his back upon their failures but he calls them to repentance by pronouncing judgments.

The writer goes on to speak about the covenant made with Abraham and his family. In verse eight he writes, “He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham” (v8-9). He is heralding the faithfulness of God for an immeasurable period of time (a thousand generations).

As I am reading this psalm which recites the many times God interceded for the descendants of Abraham I am reminded of the many songs written by recent psalmist which tell the story of God’s redeeming grace. Songs like “Amazing Grace” by John Newton a converted slave trader.

James Rowe wrote the wonderful hymn, “Love Lifted Me.” The first verse and chorus tells the story well: I was sinking deep in sin,
Far from the peaceful shore. Very deeply stained within, Sinking to rise no more. But the Master of the sea, Heard my despairing cry, From the waters lifted me, Now safe am I –  Love lifted me! Love lifted me! When nothing else could help, Love lifted me!

This song reminds us that it is only by the grace of God we have been lifted out of the mire of this worlds sin. Be Thankful.

 Prayer: Thank you Lord for your redeeming grace. Amen.

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