Holy Spirit Gives Assurance

Daily God Walk Friday, July 15, 2011

 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s Children… Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith… And this is how we know he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us.                                          – Romans 8:16, Hebrews 10:22, 1 John 3:24

 I have a habit of losing things. I guess it is my short attention span, but I will think of something which needs to be done and all at once I find myself in front of the task and not have the tools necessary to get it done. Have you ever been there?

When I walk out of the house to go somewhere I must check my pockets for the keys to the car and to the door of the house. Almost every time there is a split second of panic as the locked door to the house closes and I reach for my pocket to be sure I have my keys. Thank God, the keys are in my pocket. It is always a relief when I can feel them in my pants pocket.

Now, I am certainly not comparing my keys to the Holy Spirit, but I am saying that we must have assurance that Holy Spirit is there when we need him. Our scripture passages today tell us that God knows we need that assurance and he gives us Holy Spirit in such a way that know for sure he is within us.

Some will say, “You are saying that Holy Spirit is something we receive by experience when in fact he comes by faith alone.” To that I agree that it is faith in Christ which releases Holy Spirit to come into our heart and renew our spirit, but I will say that Holy Spirit comes in an experiential way or else why would Paul write, “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit”? And why would John write, “This is how we know he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us”?

Yes, we do receive Holy Spirit by faith, but a test of whether we have truly believed is whether Holy Spirit gives us assurance of our relationship with him. We are not to seek experience, but we are to seek Holy Spirit; and when Holy Spirit fills us he leaves no doubt as to his indwelling.

 Prayer: Thank you for the salvation through faith in Christ and thank you for the assurance of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Amen

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