Overcome Evil With Good

Daily God Walk for Friday, September 4, 2009

  Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – Romans 12:21

 It seems that the rule of thumb before the age of grace was “an eye for an eye.” In fact, that is what is stated in the law. However, that particular law was not given as an exact measure by which all things should be judged. Rather it was given as a rule of maximum retribution.

This law was designed to set limits on retribution. If by the fault of another one’s eye was put out the offended party is not given the right to go on a rampage and kill the offender. The offending party could only exact as much from the offender as the damage he had caused.

In the age of grace we are given a new law regarding retribution for offense. The new law is “overcome evil by returning kindness for evil.” How does one do that? By trusting God to be our avenger. When we take heed to his warning, “Do not take revenge… but leave room for God’s wrath,” we are affirming our faith in the Lord to be both our protector and our avenger.

There are few things more humbling to those who have done evil toward us than for us to shower kindness upon them. When we return kindness for evil we demonstrate a goodness that can only be gained through being born into God’s kingdom and submitted to the Holy Spirit.

The idea of returning kindness for evil is not so we can hide around the corner and wait for the judgment of God to fall upon our enemies. God’s purpose is to give the offender an opportunity to repent, turning to God and asking forgiveness for their sins.

If we exact justice and demand retribution from the offender they will not have an opportunity to see the love of God in action. Yes, we will be vindicated, but the probable result is that our enemy will still be our enemy and they will not come to repentance because we did not allow God to use us as an instrument of grace.

 Principle: We are an instrument of grace when we return good for evil.

 Affirmation: By God’s grace I respond to evil with good deeds.

 Prayer: Lord, it isn’t easy foregoing the right to exact equal justice from my enemies. Grant me the grace to do that. In Jesus name, amen.

 Bible Reading: Psalm 132– Isaiah 65-66 – Colossians 4 –   Proverbs 4

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